Apple Butterscotch Pudding


2 Apples chopped into small pieces
1 cup Sugar
500 ml Milk
1 teaspoon Butterscotch Essence
4 slices Bread (remove the sides)
200 ml Cream
4 Eggs

For Butterscotch Sauce

150 grams Sugar
50 grams Butter
2 tablespoon Water
½ teaspoon Butterscotch Essence


  1. Boil Milk
  2. Mix Sugar, Egg and Essence.  Add this mixture into the milk.
  3. Add crushed bread slices and mix.
  4. Add apple pieces, cream and mix.
  5. Melt sugar for sauce.  Add butter and mix.  When sugar has melted put ½ in th epudding bowl and turn the mixture around in the bowl so that it spreads evenly on the sides of the bowl.  Let it cool.
  6. Let the remaining sauce cool to room temparature.  Once cooled add it to the milk mixture.  Mix well and pour it into the pudding bowl.
  7. Cover the pudding bowl with aluminium foil and double boil / steam for 25 to 30 minutes.  A needle inserted into the mixture should come out clean.
  8. Cool the pudding in refrigerator.


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