My Carrot Cheese Cake Recipe on Dhe Chef

Mahima and I presented Avial in a different way as part of the competition on the Dhe Chef.

I was very excited to compete with the Chef. My goal was to come as close to his points as possible. It will be a while for me to get to his level but to get the opportunity to compete was great. Enjoy the episode.

The family episode of De Chef with my daughter was so much fun.

De Chef episodes

My Profile on Dhe Chef – it is such an honour to be featured. Loved that my family is also part of this profile.

Another round with the Chef: Soooo Proud…….I was able to compete and get very close to Chef Ajith’s points. This is a Dhe Star I will always cherish!!! Thank you Dhe Chef for the opportunity.

My trip to Dubai on Dhe Chef.

My profile on online Manorama News.